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Sunday, June 13, 2010

600-800 militants waiting to infiltrate: Army commander

There is no let-up on Pakistan's part to send terrorists from across the border and 600-800 militants were waiting to infiltrate, Northern Army Commander Lt General B S Jaswal said.

Top army officer, Jaswal, however, said the Army has succeeded in keeping the infiltrators at bay by adopting a three-pronged strategy.

'There is no let-up on the part of Pakistan in trying to send across terrorists. But if you see the statistics this year, they have not been able to make any inroads,' he told NDTV.

The top commander said 600-800 militants were waiting to infiltrate from across the border.
He said according to the statistics, 70 militants had infiltrated by this time last year while this year, only 12 could infiltrate as per the assessment.

Explaining the army's strategy to prevent infiltration, Jaswal said, 'First strategy is to ensure no one comes in. Second is the intelligence base and the third is the defence line and the anti-infiltration position'.

The Congress has been facing uncomfortable questions on who had ordered Anderson's extradition hours after his arrest in the aftermath of the tragedy, with some suggesting that he was allowed to go out of the country following a directive from the central government.

On the intervening night of Dec 2-3 1984, poisonous methyl-iso-cyanate gas leaked from the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, killing thousands immediately and many more over the years and maiming numerous others.

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