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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is Shri.A.K.Antony Hon:Defence Minister acting as a shining shield for the political establishment to deflect charges of wrong-doing ?

Quoting the Hindu editorial dt.February 16, 2013
When the United Progressive Alliance government chose Mr. Antony as Defence Minister, the rationale was not that the man with a strong reputation for probity would be able to prevent corruption in defence purchases, but that he would act as a shining shield for the political establishment to deflect charges of wrong-doing. But a clean image is no guarantee for efficiency in governance.
The fact that the Italians were investigating the payoffs made in the Indian deal was known last year itself but Mr. Antony was slow to act, apparently keener to avoid trouble than to find out the truth. The Bofors case was a classic instance of messed-up investigation and sloppy prosecution. The Italian chopper deal case must not be allowed to go the same way. The issue is not about the choice of specifications or helicopter, but about the kickbacks that have clearly been paid. Evidently, all manufacturers feel compelled to pay bribes disguised as commissions on a percentage basis to middlemen and lobbyists for obtaining supply orders from the Indian government. The Defence Minister needs to show some spine in going after the wrong-doers; otherwise the charges would recoil on him and his party.
Let us Hear the stalwarts of B.J.P in Parliament has to say about the issue
Every Indians should Watch this Video
Shri.Ravi Sankar Prasad

Shri Arun Jetley

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why this Muslim-majority town in Gujarat voted for Modi's BJP

Every Pseudo Secular Politicians and Media should watch this Videos and Truth

In 2009 A.P.Abdullakutty M.P from Kerala had the courage to tell this to the world
Read this
CPM MP A P Abdullakutty suspended for praising Narendra Modi
Saturday, January 17, 2009
CPM MP A P Abdullakutty suspended for praising Narendra Modi
Breaking News! A day after he praised Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for adopting a perfect development model to woo investors to his state, CPM MP from Kannur, A P Abdullakutty, was suspended from the party for one year. According to the CPM sources, the decision to suspend Abdullakutty, was taken in order to maintain discipline in the party. Abdullakutty, a two-time MP from Kannur, defended his statement, saying he did nothing wrong by praising a Chief Minister, who put his state on the path of high growth and development. Abdullakutty also said he intended to trigger a positive debate on development irrespective of party politics.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Modi sweep: Muslim majority town elects all BJP candidates

Tuesday, February 12, 2013, Ahmedabad, Feb 12: It was a straight fight and the BJP created history by winning all 27 seats of town municipality in Salaya, a Muslim-majority town in Dwarka district. Salaya is know for its mega power project and now it will be known for giving Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi another triumph in the development agenda. Among BJP's 27 candidates, 24 were Muslims while remaining three were Hindus including one Scheduled Tribe (ST) candidate. The BJP's sweep in a township comprising 90 percent Muslims will take wind of many psedo-secular elements. Of the 27 seats spread over nine wards, BJP candidates won unopposed on four seats in state municipal elections. Voting for remaining 23 seats took place on Sunday (10th February) with Congress in straight fight with BJP. The Congress party candidates even lost deposit on three seats. Salaya has been enjoying fruits of development with Essar Energy's integrated energyc company establishing a power unit to generate 1200 mw. Salaya I is Essar Energy's first coal fired power project and has been built at a total investment cost of US$1.1 billion. Most of the power produced will be sold to the Gujarat state electricity utility, GUVNL, under a long term contract. When all the units are commissioned, the project is expected to generate nearly 2000 mw power. Salaya will also be getting a world-class marine infrastructure project with a state-of-the-art material handling facility. The bulk handling port will be capable of handling 20 MMTPA of cargo. The jetty is located in the Salaya Harbour, which is naturally protected by two islands - Kalubhar Tapu and Dhani Be. Essar has been conducting various projects under its social development initiative in Salaya. To empower the local women, Essar Foundation runs a stitching centre in Salaya. The Foundation is supporting the stitching center by providing skills and creating new business opportunities. This will also provide the associated families with an alternative source of income, by establishing market linkages. The stitching center at Salaya initially started as a small community program by the local Wagher Muslim Community Jamat, with the idea to provide skill development to the women without them having to leave their houses. The center is also imparting the women several life skills such as basic literacy, personality development, accounts and business entrepreneurship. News credits : Oneindia