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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sangma congratulates Mukherjee, does not rule out moving court

New Delhi: P A Sangma today congratulated Pranab Mukherjee and wished him success but did not rule out moving court on the election, saying its process was "exceptionally partisan." He alleged that non-UPA ruled states were lured with packages and inducements and even given threats. Sangma, who was backed by BJP and some other parties, said there is a compelling need for formulating an election code of conduct for the Presidential and Vice Presidential polls, as such a code did not exist. A code will ensure free and fair elections, he said. "The process in this Presidential election has been exceptionally partisan and political. "The public perception is certainly that in identification and projection of its candidate, UPA did not genuinely build consensus and that it pursuaded political parties commanding major sections of the Presidential electoral college by economic and other well as inducements, threats and promises," Sangma told reporters here. He alleged that the spirit of secrecy of ballot was "thrown to the wind". "For election to the Lok Sabha and Assembly, there is a code of conduct for free and fair elections. Such a code of conduct does not exist for Presidential and Vice Presidential elections...Rs 57,000 crore were given to UP, Rs 27,000 crore to Bihar and so many other things have happened," Sangma said. Not ruling out moving the Supreme Court on the election, he said, "We are meeting a day after tomorrow to review the whole situation where this matter will come up for discussion."