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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Karnataka Governor crosses all limits

DESPITE BJP makes clean sweep in Karnataka by-polls, conspiracy to remove the popular BJP Government in Karnataka by misusing the Governor’s office is undemocratic and unconstitutional.

Congress high command is trying to help the dying state Congress to save its face by uprooting the popular BJP Government and impose President’s rule. According to Shri Nitin Gadkari, national president of BJP, Congress lost the credibility and failed to win by-elections in the state. Governor of Karnataka is working like a Congress agent rather than upholding the democratic values. “The fact the Congress is moving to the third position cannot be digested by their high command and several union ministers from the state are working hand in glove with the Governor Shri Hans Raj Bhardwaj to topple the existing popular BJP Government which is enjoying full majority” he said while addressing the media on May 17 at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi. Nitin Gadkari further said that BJP Government is not in minority and ready to prove the majority in the Assembly if the Governor asks to prove it. Nitin Gadkari pointed out that Prime Minister had assured the delegation of senior NDA leaders who met him on May 16th that Central Government will not take any step that is against Constitution. He was surrounded with all the BJP MLAs and senior functionaries from Karnataka who flew from Bangalore to meet the President to request her not to impose President’s rule in the state and parade in the Rashtrapati Bhavan to express solidarity to the Yeddyurappa Government.

It can be recalled that apex court on May 13, 2011 restored membership of 11 BJP rebel MLAs and five Independent MLAs by quashing the Speaker Shri Bhopaiah’s order on October 11, 2010 hours before BS Yeddyurappa was to seek confidence vote in the assembly following their withdrawal of support to him. In the wake of the Supreme Court order, Governor of Karnataka on May 14, 2011 dashed off a confidential letter to the Union Government recommending imposing President’s rule in the State by mentioning Constitutional crisis. Karnataka Governor’s intention to trouble the BJP Government was evident when he did not give his nod to the cabinet decision to hold session from May 16th and humiliated Karnataka Government has decided to convene a legislature session from June 2, 2011. Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister S Suresh Kumar said that enough time is given to the Governor to summon the session and government hopes that Governor won’t give any reasons and smooth conduct of both the houses of legislature for a period of 10 days will happen.

Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa said that the strength of BJP members in the assembly have gone up to 119 with the backing of 11 rebel MLAs. The magic number to prove the majority in the assembly is 112 as one seat is vacant in the 224-member assembly.

The Rajya Sabha Member and the senior BJP leader Shri Venkaiah Naidu who arrived on May 16th in Bangalore said that Governor wants to rule the state and lobbying on to pull down the BJP Government in an undemocratic procedure.

It is coincidence that both the Supreme Court order and the by-polls results have come on the same day. Unfortunately apex court order attracted the media attention and the clean sweep made by BJP in the by-election was ignored. It was an all-round victory for Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa as the BJP wrested the three assembly seats from Congress and JD(S). Jagalur (Davangere District) and Bangarpet (Kolar district) were earlier held by the Congress and Chennapatna (Ramnagar District) was with JD(S). BJP candidate from Chennapatna C P Yogeshwar won by securing 75,275 votes.BJP candidate E M Narayanaswamy won from Bangarpet constituency by securing 56,824 votes and another BJP candidate S V Ramachandra won from Jagalur constituency by securing 41,961 votes.

Hurdles are not new for the BJP Government led by B S Yeddyurappa. From the day of assuming the seat of power both Congress and JD(S) are trying to destabilise the BJP government as they feel that BJP will emerge stronger as the day pass by and words of Hitler “One who wins without problem it is just “Victory” but one who wins with lot of troubles , that is “History”is worth mentioning here. BJP is confident in emerging victory in the present crisis and create a history.

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