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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eight Indian-origin CEOs at big US cos: Forbes

New York, Dec 22 (PTI) People with Indian roots are fast climbing up the American corporate ladder and today there are as many as eight such CEOs including the likes of Indra Nooyi and Vikram Pandit, who run big US corporations, according to a Forbes list titled, 'Eight Indian CEOs At Big US Companies.'

PepsiCo's Madras-born Indra Nooyi tops the list Indian-origin CEOs in the US.

"The chief executive of PepsiCo would be prominent no matter what. The fact that the current one--Indra Nooyi--is an Indian immigrant makes her all the more noteworthy," Forbes said.

The Nagpur-born Vikram Pandit, the embattled CEO of the ailing Wall Street giant Citigroup, is the other prominent native Indian in the corner office.

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