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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Air India crash in Mangalore: Black box found

May 23, 2010,

Investigators have recovered two out of the three parts of the Black Box from the wreckage of the ill-fated Air India Express which might provide vital clues about the cause of Saturday's crash.

Search is still on for the third critical part of the Black Box. The box, which records all flight information, will help investigators recreate the last moments of the flight to find out what exactly went wrong leading to the crash.

Altogether 158 people were killed and eight others miraculously survived after an Air India plane IX 812 overshot the runway by 2000 metres, going off the edge of Mangalore's table-top airport. The plane was flying from Dubai to Mangalore with 160 passengers and six crew members on board.

The Black Box, also known as flight recorder, is vital in finding information about key details like the last moments of the flight and whether there was any error from the pilot's side.

The box will be brought to the accident lab of the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in New Delhi where the investigators will open it up and recreate last moments to find out what exactly went wrong.

According to sources, Boeing experts are also going to help in deciphering the Black Box.

Earlier, a forensic team had arrived from Hyderabad to help investigate the cause of the air crash. The team is conducting DNA tests on those bodies that have charred beyond recognition. More than 100 bodies have been identified so far from among the 158 victims

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