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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tharoor-Pushkar engagement on June 26:News report

May 19, 2010

Kochi: The tweet-happy former minister of state for external affairs and Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor is getting engaged to the woman at the centre of the IPL Kochi controversy, Sunanda Pushkar, according to media reports.

Reports say that the engagement between Tharoor, a former UN diplomat and Sunanda, a business woman based in Dubai, whose sweat equity in the IPL Kochi team led to Tharoor’s resignation as the junior minister for external affairs will be held on June 26 at actor Sanjay Khan’s The Golden Palms Hotel and Spa on Tumkur Road, Bangalore.

Sunanda’s first husband was a Kashmiri but the marriage ended in a divorce. Later she married a businessman from Kerala who later died in a road accident.

Tharoor, a first time MP who won the Thiruvananthapuram seat, was one of the most visible ministers of the Manmohan Singh ministry.

He lost his ministerial berth after the then IPL chairman Lalit Modi opened a Pandora’s box when he tweeted raising doubts on the franchisee of Kochi IPL team.

It was alleged that Rs 70 crore worth ’sweat equity’ of the team would go to Pushakar, who was Tharoor’s ’friend’.

Though Tharoor tried to defend himself vigorously, he lost his ministerial berth in UPA-II.

Later Modi too lost his post as the IPL chief.

Incidentally, this is the third marriage for Tharoor and Pushkar.

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