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Friday, July 9, 2010

'Is Afzal Guru your son-in-law', Gadkari asks Congress

Dehra Dun/New Delhi: Taunting the Congress over the delay in hanging Afzal Guru, BJP President Nitin Gadkari asked
the party whether the Parliament attack convict was its 'son-in-law'.

In comments that could stoke a controversy, Gadkari thundered at a BJP rally in Dehra Dun last night, 'Is Afzal Guru the son-in-law of Congress? Have you(Congress) given your daughter to the Congress. Why is he being given special treatment?'

Gadkari made a reference to the Afzal Guru issue while slamming the Congress and the UPA for the delay in the hanging of the death row convict, bringing the focus back on the Afzal case file.

Reacting to Gadkari's comments, Congress said Gadkari has lost his mind and sarcastically said he needed serious help.

'The remark smacks of obscenity, obnoxiousness and obtuseness,' Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari said in New Delhi

Tiwari further said, 'it is very obvious that the esteemed president of the BJP has lost it completely. The BJP should take
pity on him and deposit him into a psychiatric facility. The man needs serious help.'

Targeting Congress, Gadkari said, 'It(Congress) is a party full of fearful people. They can never fight with terrorists and
can never get rid of terrorism. It is a party which will bow down in front of terrorists and can never protect India.'

The Supreme Court upheld Afzal's death penalty in 2005. Since then, the Opposition has attacked the Congress for delaying his hanging, saying if Afzal is not hanged India will be seen as a soft state. Afzal is on death row for over eight years after he was convicted of masterminding the December 13, 2001 attack on Parliament.

Four years after its opinion was sought, the Sheila Dikshit government in Delhi finally gave its opinion to Lieutenant Governor
Tejinder Khanna recently saying that it supports the Supreme Court's decision to give death sentence to Afzal Guru, but added a rider saying that the implications of the execution must be taken into consideration.

Within hours of this, Khanna returned the file asking the Delhi government's stand on Afzal's mercy petition. The Delhi government sent back Afzal's file saying that it stood by the Supreme Court verdict.PT

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