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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hassan Ali is alleged to have evaded a whopping Rs80,000 crore in income-tax

Pune’s stud farm owner Ali is alleged to have evaded a whopping Rs80,000 crore in income-tax and financed politicians from Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) came under severe attack on Monday as the Supreme Court (SC) expressed dissatisfaction on a status report concerning country’s biggest tax evader Hasan Ali Khan.

ED had submitted the status report in a sealed cover to the court and also urged that the contents be kept secret.

The judges observed “going by the report, it is very difficult for us to be calm and quiet.”
It is learnt that ED told SC that Ali and family members were under threat.

“Tell us why are you claiming privilege. Why not they (names of people involved) be disclosed. Let the people of the country know what is happening. Now there is no privilege on one name (Hasan Ali). People have come to know everything,” judges added.

The court reiterated the need to set up a special investigation team (SIT) to probe the entire issue. However, solicitor general (SG) Gopal Subramanium said it would be too early to consider setting up of an SIT and sought one more chance to satisfy the court about the progress of the investigation.

“No further information is forthcoming from you. The whole concentration is focused only on one individual. What about others?” the court asked.

They asked the agency to track the more ‘serious’ aspect of source of the money.

“We would like to know what progress has been made by you in each case (relating to black money). We would also like to know from you on next hearing the progress made in the investigation from the national security aspect and what is the source of such money which is more serious aspect,” the bench added.

The judges also took note of the investigators facing a security threat. “There’s a need to provide protection to all ED officers involved in the probe,” the SG said.

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