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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modi's Fast begins: Highlights of Narendra Modi's speech

Ahmedabad: On the occasion of his 61st birthday, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi embarked on his three-day fast for communal harmony at the Gujarat University Exhibition hall. The grand show was preceded by Mr Modi seeking blessings from his mother, Narmada Bai. After he arrived at the venue of his fast, the chief minister was greeted by several top leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and NDA amidst chants and prayers.

Here are the highlights from Mr Modi's speech:

•I am grateful to all for coming here to bless the Sadbhavana Mission.
•Gujarat's development is being discussed across the India and world.
•After the 2001 earthquake, everyone thought Gujarat will never be able to bounce back, Gujarat is finished.
•Everyone said no one will invest in Gujarat, but we overcame those difficulties.
•After the riots in 2002 riots, no one was willing to listen to our pain.
•Gujarat's image was maligned.
•Even after the Akshardham terror attacks, Gujarat gave ample evidence of harmony and peace. But people did not notice that resolve of Gujarat.
•Remember the days in the early 1990s; there were riots over a kite and curfews were common. But see the last ten years, there is no sign of a curfew.
•I want to tell the world we want to move forward, contribute to India's growth story.
•Gujarat should progress so that it its able to help other backward states in India
•People from all over India come to Gujarat to earn a livelihood today.
•I've tried to take all the blows, so that the impact did not reach you.
•We've never been provoked into a response, we've never retaliated.
•I was collecting the stones people thew at me, and building a staircase to redemption.
•We chose the constitutional path, the path of truth.
•Gujarat's model of good governance is being discussed all over.
•My three-day fast is not against anyone.
•Sadbhavna mission will end vote-bank politics
•I have always served my country and state and will continue to do so.
•Our motto is 'Develop Gujarat for India's Development'.
•We want to excel at all levels of public work - from the panchayat to the state.
•The pain of the people is my may pain; the hopes of six crore Gujaratis, my hopes.
•Gujarat does not need sermons from anyone.
•We have proved how peace and harmony can result in development.
•I want to remind people that we've been able to develop because of peace and harmony.
•I never celebrate my birthday. This fast has nothing to do with my birthday.
•Through my fast, I want to reach out to more people.
•We are in public life, we believe in democracy.
•We have no space for bitterness, ill-will towards anyone.

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