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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Support for Anna Hazare dwindles?

PATNA: After veteran social worker Anna Hazare called off his fast on Wednesday evening, his supporters here in the state capital also withdrew their agitation a day ahead of schedule. On Wednesday, support for Anna was quite low at Kargil Chowk, the stir venue. The camp of India Against Corruption (IAC) witnessed a deserted look through the day. Only five activists observed daylong hunger strike.

"We have been given instructions to withdraw all of our plans, including 'jail bharo'. Status quo will be maintained till further plans are formulated by the Anna Team," said IAC Bihar convener, Dr Ratnesh Kumar Chaudhary.

The Anna supporters were divided into two camps. At both the camps, extremely poor presence of activists was seen throughout the day. "It is all stale. People are fed up with the harangues of these activists. A good Lokpal Bill is in the process. It's time now for the harangues to go away," said Sumit Kumar, a collegian passing by the site.Over a dozen activists made speeches from both the camps, but unlike earlier, they failed to arouse interest among the passersby. "I think it is the result of Anna's failed show in Mumbai. It is difficult to run the campaign for so long," a doctor, not wanting to be named, told TOI.

Some activists, who used to be very active earlier, were conspicuous by their absence. "I really do not like the way some people are behaving to get publicity. One should not come here for publicity. Rather it is should be on the call of conscience," said a senior IAC member. Later in the morning, a group of activists organized 'havan', perhaps in a bid to attract people, and prayed for a corruption-free India.
As appeared in TOI

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