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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Forget Narendra Modi, now Congress is fighting over Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Nov 7: Ahead of the Lok Sabha election which is expected to be held in 2014, Congress seems to have lost its track.
Instead of attacking its opponent party leaders such as Narendra Modi, Jairam Ramesh expressed his disappointment over Rahul Gandhi.
However, other Congress party leaders did not take Ramesh's criticism against Rahul lightly. Downplaying the Union Minister's shocking remark against Rahul, Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit defended their young star campaigner saying, "Rahul Gandhi has been touring all the poll-bound states.
He is in a combative mode and his speeches show that he is serious." Jairam recently has expressed his disappointment with young Gandhi family scion saying, "My frustration is that he is too forward looking, he is talking of structure, systems, he is talking of building Congress in the long term whereas we are now faced with fighting an election in the short term." Rahul Gandhi is in a combative mode and his speeches show that he is serious Jairam's statement surfaced after Rahul's meeting with party colleagues where he reportedly insisted that a win can be sacrificed for the sake of strengthening the party. According to sources, Rahul earlier had overruled a proposal of Congress leaders of strengthening party's power in Bihar by forming an alliance with RJD-led by Lalu Prasad Yadav.
Rahul reportedly preferred not to form an alliance to assert the Congress authority in the state. Though, party leaders feel that Rahul's idealism could cost them votes and it's not the right strategy ahead of the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, BJP has taken advantage of the current situation when Congress leaders are busy in fighting with each other.
BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar was quoted as saying, "Jairam's statement shows the exasperation of the Congress. The fact they are thinking beyond 2014 shows they have conceded defeat."

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