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Sunday, January 3, 2010

North India plunges into darkness as grid trips due to fog

Jan 02, 2010

Many parts of northern India, including Punjab and Haryana, plunged into darkness in the wee hours on Saturday as the northern grid collapsed due to thick fog. The northern grid tripped at around 3.02 am following a technical snag in transmission lines that reduced power to zero at many sub stations, Power Grid CMD S K Chaturvedi said, adding that Delhi and NCR were not affected as precautionary measures like cleaning of transmission lines were taken in advance.

Besides, Punjab and Haryana, parts of Jammu and Kashmir and the Union Territory of Chandigarh were also affected due to the grid failure.

Although restoration work was on, authorities said, it would take another three to four hours for power supply to resume.

Power failure also threw train schedule out of gear in Punjab and Haryana and many trains were stranded midway, stopping abruptly due to disruption in electricity supply.

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