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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquake and Caribbean tsunami warning

13 January 2010

Yesterday, an earthquake damaged the whole island nation of Haiti with an intensity of 7.0. It is reported that it was most powerful and catastrophic quake in past 200 years. The quake which came yesterday afternoon threw whole nation on the roads, countless buildings have been completely damaged, outside communication is failed, and unaccountable people has been suffered from it. No one knows the exact number of dead people; no one knows the exact number of injured. Many are lying on streets, roads and footpaths waiting for aid. BBC pictures show that the national palace of Haiti is also among the damaged buildings. In the picture, the palace is shown completely damaged from outside.

The area is still under threat because every thirty minutes, the people feel an aftershock that proves enough to hold their breaths. Karel Zelenka is the representative of Catholic Relief Services, he told that thousands of people have been dead, many buildings have been collapsed including a hospital. Reports say that people were being heard shouting and crying for help from inside hospital. Zelenka said that the Headquarter of CRS also faced damages and its walls has been collapsed.

Poorly constructed shantytowns were crumbled in huge clouds of dust including a supermarket that was completely razed along with a church and gasoline station. Carrefour section of Port-au-Prince is among the worst-hit areas.

President Obama issued a statement expressing his sympathy with those who have been affected by this earthquake. United States has decided to provide the Haiti with military and civilian assistance. U.S. Agency for International Development and the military’s U.S. Southern Command started working together for damaged people of Haiti last evening.

The whole situation will be cleared after two to three days. The people of Haiti need our help they cannot face the challenges alone so please go ahead and help them.

Caribbean tsunami warning issued after Haiti quake

Tue Jan 12

WASHINGTON – A US government agency on Tuesday issued a tsunami warning for countries bordering the Caribbean sea, after a powerful 7.3 quake rocked Haiti.

"This message applies to countries within and bordering the Caribbean sea," the Pacific Tsunami Warning center said, "except for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands."

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  1. I just watch it in my new Dish TV and it reminds me 25th December 2004.