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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What the dragon is up to?

August 31, 2010

The latest report that China is amassing large contingent of troops on the Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK) and is also engaged in some clandestine activity there is disturbing for India. Flood ravaged Pakistan is already in trouble from all sides. On one side is America sitting on Pak's head to contain the menace of Al Qaeda and Taliban in AfPak border.
Pak history's worst flood is taking away the sleep of its leadership where flood ravaged people are in peril for safe drinking water, food, houses and other facilities. There are reports of food riots in refugee camps and the terrorist outfits are making undue advantage of the situation.
It is this disturbing situation China is taking advantage of and amassing troops in PoK. China also reportedly has strategies to construct fast track roads, highways along the existing Karakoram border roads to reach up to the Middle East within 48 hours. The report says work is already on; some strategic underground tunnels have already been made about which even Pakistan too was not taken into confidence by China.
That shows they are going to enliven the ancient Silk Route fast-track. As we know, China has already emerged as world's second economy, knocking down Japan, and if things go according to their current strategy, soon they would be on top knocking down the current super power position of the US. It will be only matter of time for the dragon to roar then. The latest Military and diplomatic impasse between India and China over positioning of missiles by China along the Indo-China border too was causing much concern. The question to Indian military strategist is how far we are ready to take this new challenge on our border.
How long the US would keep the Pak underpinned and how long Pak can resist the temptation from the Jihadists vis-à-vis the pathetic plight of its people who are deluged so badly? Can one sleep in peace with such disturbing situation all along our borders?
Article appeared in Chronicle

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