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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Obama Backs U.N.Permanant Seat for India

New Delhi: Lauding India's growing role in global bodies, US President Barack Obama Monday said the US welcomed India as it prepared for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

'We welcome India as it prepares to take a seat at the United Nations Security Council,' said Obama in an address to members of the two houses of parliament.

'And as two global leaders, the United States and India can partner for global security - especially as India serves on the Security Council over the next two years,'

'Indeed, the just and sustainable international order that America seeks includes a United Nations that is efficient, effective, credible and legitimate,' he said.

'That is why I can say today-in the years ahead, I look forward to a reformed UN Security Council that includes India as a permanent member,' he said to loud applause from over 780 MPs.

Obama stressed that the US valued India's role in global economic decision-making bodies like the G20 and in ongoing consultation over global issues like climate change.

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