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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is Shri.A.K.Antony Hon:Defence Minister acting as a shining shield for the political establishment to deflect charges of wrong-doing ?

Quoting the Hindu editorial dt.February 16, 2013
When the United Progressive Alliance government chose Mr. Antony as Defence Minister, the rationale was not that the man with a strong reputation for probity would be able to prevent corruption in defence purchases, but that he would act as a shining shield for the political establishment to deflect charges of wrong-doing. But a clean image is no guarantee for efficiency in governance.
The fact that the Italians were investigating the payoffs made in the Indian deal was known last year itself but Mr. Antony was slow to act, apparently keener to avoid trouble than to find out the truth. The Bofors case was a classic instance of messed-up investigation and sloppy prosecution. The Italian chopper deal case must not be allowed to go the same way. The issue is not about the choice of specifications or helicopter, but about the kickbacks that have clearly been paid. Evidently, all manufacturers feel compelled to pay bribes disguised as commissions on a percentage basis to middlemen and lobbyists for obtaining supply orders from the Indian government. The Defence Minister needs to show some spine in going after the wrong-doers; otherwise the charges would recoil on him and his party.
Let us Hear the stalwarts of B.J.P in Parliament has to say about the issue
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