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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why this Muslim-majority town in Gujarat voted for Modi's BJP

Every Pseudo Secular Politicians and Media should watch this Videos and Truth

In 2009 A.P.Abdullakutty M.P from Kerala had the courage to tell this to the world
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CPM MP A P Abdullakutty suspended for praising Narendra Modi
Saturday, January 17, 2009
CPM MP A P Abdullakutty suspended for praising Narendra Modi
Breaking News! A day after he praised Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for adopting a perfect development model to woo investors to his state, CPM MP from Kannur, A P Abdullakutty, was suspended from the party for one year. According to the CPM sources, the decision to suspend Abdullakutty, was taken in order to maintain discipline in the party. Abdullakutty, a two-time MP from Kannur, defended his statement, saying he did nothing wrong by praising a Chief Minister, who put his state on the path of high growth and development. Abdullakutty also said he intended to trigger a positive debate on development irrespective of party politics.

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