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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Narendra Modi can be a better PM than Rahul Gandhi: Sadhu Yadav

New Delhi, Aug 17: A day after meeting with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Bihar Congress leader and RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav's brother-in-law, Sadhu Yadav chose Modi as a better Prime Minister candidate than Rahul Gandhi.
Anirudh Prasad alias Sadhu Yadav, who met Modi at CM office in Gandhinagar yesterday, said that India would be safer in the hands of Narendra Modi rather than that of Rahul Gandhi.
Modi is PM material: Sadhu Yadav "For me, the country is big and I think about the country. And the country is looking forward to Narendra Modi. Whatever Narendra Modi says, he says about the country. So, I am seeing that the country will be safe in his hands," Yadav told a news agency.
"Had Rahul Gandhi been effective, he would have talked about the country at large. He does not talk about the country. Narendra Modi is talking and thinking about the country. So, we are talking about Narendra Modi," he added.

Yesterday, after meeting Modi ,Yadav, who was accompanied by another Bihar Congress leader Dasai Chaudhary, lauded Modi and said the people of the country want to see the BJP's poll panel chief as the Prime Minister. "It doesn't matter whether the Congress wants or not, the people of the country want him," he had said.
"If you compare Modi with Rahul Gandhi, I think Modiji is much better because he will come to your help immediately when you ask whereas you have to wait for three years for the appointment of Rahul Gandhi,
"he further said. On being asked about possible action from party chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Yadav 'defiantly' replied,
"Who is afraid of Sonia Gandhi? Is Sonia Gandhi running this country?
This country is being run by Manmohan Singh and tell me how many people know that Manmohan Singh is our Prime Minister. Whereas every child in our country knows Narendra Modi."

"I am not at all afraid of disciplinary action from Congress Party. Let them take action against me at their own peril. If party takes action against me then do you think I will sit idly with my hands tied?," he retorted. However, Yadav ruled out that there was any hidden agenda behind his meeting the Gujarat Chief Minister. "Is Narendra Modi an untouchable? Is he not an Indian citizen? There was no agenda in it. I met him because I was in the city," he said. Yadav, a former Rajya Sabha MP, had quit the RJD after being denied an election ticket in 2009 and then joined the Congress. "There is no question of taking him into BJP. Anybody can meet any person as there is no bar in this. Neither Sadhu Yadav expressed any desire to join BJP nor the party gave him any offer so from where does this question of Yadav joining BJP comes?", former Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said today.

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