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Friday, August 16, 2013

Narendra Modi, not Manmohan Singh, gave us hope'

India If India needed to hear a speech from its Prime Minister then the one at Red Fort was surely not the one.
I for one opted for the speech at Lalan College in Gujarat. At least it gave me hope, made me optimistic and left me a little more confident of what this country is capable of. Narendra Modi surely didn't ask that national media to beam his speech live but aren't we all glad they did. In its first ever direct head on encounter, Narendra Modi has been able to show how insipid and hopeless Dr Manmohan Singh's speech was.
Those who falsely criticize Narendra Modi for giving wrong facts or spinning stories must be disappointed today. Tearing into the Food Security Bill Narendra Modi has been able to show to the country why this rushed law will do more damage than benefit. 'Modi, not Singh, gave us hope' Forget the poor, today I have clarity why the Congress led UPA only had electoral politics in its mind when they introduced the ordinance. Why should the Centre not consult those who will be the most crucial delivery agents in this program, yes I am worried about how the states will cope with pressures of an ill-designed program. It will not only leave the poor in the lurch but also put the states in a precarious position when it comes to food procurement.
I am so glad that there is a state leader of national stature like Narendra Modi who has made clear his stand, yes I support the law but not in its present form and the only way to move forward is to consult the states and arrive at a better program. What did our Prime Minister say? Just that we have introduced the Food Security Bill, that's it! Why an Indian citizen feels their trust has been broken? Look around you, tell me why you should not feel angry with the dynastic nature of everything the Congress-led UPA does. If the recent cases of corruption were not enough then now the Damad episode of Robert Vadra is surely the last nail in the coffin. Just his proximity to the first family is enough to make hundreds of crores without ever having any qualification or a business model to make so much money? Yes I am angry and disappointed that my Prime Minister did not address this and that is also why I would rather hear a Narendra Modi who helps me articulate why this present government is a liability to the nation.
Will I not want Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister? Yes I will and yes I can. The Lalan College speech will surely go down in the history books as one of the turning points in the history of India. It has for the first time provoked Indians to make a choice, decide their fate and show that they want a better and stronger India. Narendra Modi's open challenge for a debate between Delhi and Gujarat has to be taken in the right spirit. For way too long we Indians have shied away from confronting facts, there is at least someone who says debate with me on merit and facts. He is not running away, instead he is inviting an open debate. I think India is ready for it as much as it is ready for Narendra Modi. Lastly, just like Narendra Modi I am not just disappointed with the Prime Minister's speech but also angry with it. I woke up early to listen to a person who rarely speaks.
He left me more disgusted with our style of national politics as if average citizen does not matter. As if we do not need to be talked to. And look at the other speech at Lalan College, it talked of development, future plans, urbanisation, job creation, building trust and most importantly it spoke with me, the average Indian. Narendra Modi may not be liked by the Congress and those politicians who cannot deal with his straight talk.
But I do, as an Indian, an average citizen who does not care about the past but about my future. He is one leader who gives me confidence, hope and inspiration that India is for Indians First, lndia First has to be the motto and the Indian constitution the only holy text.
Sadly that the Indian Prime Minister today did not tell me that, maybe the future Prime Minister did.

Article Credits: Oneindia ,August 15, 2013

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