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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why a change of government is not good for Karnataka

Any democratically elected government assumes office with a mandate for five years and any act to destabilise it is a crime against democracy. The time has come for the nation to bring in constitutional safeguards to ensure that governments are allowed to complete their five-year term.

It is not just about political equations; political instability will deal a severe blow to the development of any state. The way political conspiracies are being hatched and the style of functioning of governor HR Bhardwaj does not augur well for the state. The governor cannot dictate terms to the speaker about proceedings in the house.

Assuming that the BS Yeddyurappa government is brought down on October 11, I am not sure that the alternative government that could be formed by Congress and JD(S)would be any better.

Congressmen should introspect about their experience of Dharam Singh’s tenure when JD(S) supremo HD Deve Gowda had turned the chief minister into a puppet.

I feel it has not done so badly either. The failure of successive governments over the last 20 years in powering the industrial engine of the state has plunged the state literally into a ‘dark’ age.

The power crisis is acute. The Yeddyurappa government has drawn up a clear charter for augmenting the generation capacity to make Karnataka a power surplus state in five years.

The implementation of this plan that can power the second Industrial Revolution, providing employment for our youth and relieving human pressure on agriculture. For the first time, a comprehensive plan has been drawn up for the implementation of Nanjundappa Committee report for the eradication of regional imbalance.

A separate committee, headed by a cabinet rank leader, has been created for its implementation with special allocation of funds in the budget.

The initiative in the next five years proposes to raise the infrastructure standards along with health and education services in North Karnataka. The fall of the present BJP government will derail this comprehensive plan for the development of this backward region.

I have no objections if the government falls due to bickering, but using money bag politics by political rivals to bring down a democratically-elected government should end.

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