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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Swami wanted every thing to be given for "free" when people don't even smile for "free"

Swami was the only "power" in the world who wanted every thing to be give for "free". In the times when people don't even smile for "free", Swami has given world class medical services completely free to every one. There came one suggestion from some one requesting Swami to charge "little bit" to the rich who can afford to pay, and Swami our kind Lord said, there is no difference between "poor man's heart" and "rich man's heart' who could ever tell this.
Some years ago, in Kodai kanal, some officials were briefing Him about the arrangements for Eswaramma day and when one officer said, "Swami tomorrow we will have poor feeding", Swami corrected him saying, Sai's feeding can never be "poor feeding" you rather say "feeding the poor". Such is the kindness of Swami.
Swami who has given every thing to the devotees, has also given nutririous food to all at affordable price. Apparently couple of years ago, some one from the South Indian Canteen went to Swami and said, Swami our canteen has incurred great loss. So we have decided to raise the price from Rs.6 to Rs.10 for a full meal. Swami looking at him bit seriously said, if you irritate me like this, I am going to give the food for free. when it is Swami's canteen, why are you worried about the loss. It is my "business". Can any one do such Divine Business?

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