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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Swami's Samadhi Arrangements

Sai Kulwanth Hall, the venue for all the "historic" events in Parthi, will also be His Samadhi temple (tomb) in future.. Swami's divine body will be brought to the ashram around 4pm from the Super Speciality Hospital..there are already arrangements being made in the Sai Kulwanth hall. Swami's Samadhi would be on the dais from where He used to watch us all while we sing His glory. At present there are white curtains around the stage and the recently erected elevated wooden dais, is now completely removed. Any moment, they will start digging the dais. Meanwhile, the final darshan of Swami's BODY would start from 6pm, 24th april and the darshan will continue on monday, tuesday as well. in the morning of wednesday, the burial will be performed.
Police are making all the arrangements for the final darshan. I think Swami's body will be placed in the middle of Sai Kulwanth hall and ladies and gents would be allowed separately into the hall for the final darshan.

It is still unbelievable to know that we wont be able to see our beloved Lord in Puttaparthi. We devotees should not forget the great services rendered by the doctors in Super Speciality Hospital. Even though they tried their best, perfectly following Swami's message of KARMA YOGA, they(doctors) and We knew from the day one that it will be Swami's FINAL DECISION that will matter.We should also have to appreciate the patience and hardwork of Sri Sathya Central Trust and its members who tried their best to give ultramodern medical facilities to Swami in no time, all praises to Minister Geetha Reddy for all that she has done being a bridge of love between governemnt and devotees.

All the ministers, governors are reaching Puttaparthi. The Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Sri.Ashok Chavan have already come to Parthi. Sonia Gandhi, Prime minister Manmohan Singh, L.K.Advani, Ms.Jayalalitha and many other top leaders have expressed their deep condolences on Swami's Divine Departure. The government of Andhra Pradesh has declared 4 days of mourning.

It would be a very sad day for Sachin Tendulkar as his birthday unfortunately coincided with Swami's Physical Exit. He is also coming to Parthi tomorrow for the final darshan.

Since his hospitalisation, Swami was in headlines. while reporting they also spoke all the good work Swami had did and also His miracles. many people who were not in Sai Fold who were watching this did get an urge to have darshan of this great Avatar and hoped for one physical darshan but little did they knew that it was too late..

Looks like the final darshan will also be shown live in various TV channels as the arrangements are already being made

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