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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Govt trying to bring jokepal bill: Anna hazare to Fast

New Delhi: Veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare and his supporters challenged the Central Government to crush their anti-corruption crusade while reiterating their stand that another fast-unto-death will be launched from August 16 if Parliament did not pass the Lokpal Bill by then.

Accusing the Government of not being keen on fighting corruption, Hazare said, "The Government forcibly broke the fast of Baba Ramdev. I am not scared of anything like this. I am ready to face lathicharge. I am going to begin my fast again at Jantar Mantar from August 16 onwards."
He claimed that the seven meetings of the 10-member Lokpal Bill drafting committee were a waste of time.

"It was a waste of time. It is very clear that the Government does not have any intention of removing corruption from the country. Till now, the Government was asking for our suggestations but all of sudden, it took a U-turn and now they will putting two versions before the Cabinet. What was the point in making a joint Lokpal panel. Two drafts were avaliable earlier too. The Government would have presented two drafts earlier. It shows the Government is not serious in eradicating corruption. I will resume fast from August 16. I will fight till my last breath for the society," he said.
"Yesterday's decision by the Government is not good for the people of the country," he said while referring to the Lokpal Bill drafting committee the Government and the civil society members failed to arrive at a consensus and decided to present two drafts to the Union Cabinet.

Hazare supporter and Lokpal Bill drafting committee members Arvind Kejriwal accused the Government of ignoring the proposals put forward by the civil society.

"The Government will bulldoze its own bill. It is not going to be a Lokpal but a jokepal bill," said Kejriwal.

"Political parties will not be allowed to share stage, they can sit amongst the public. If Section 144 is imposed, then we will go to jail," said Hazare.

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