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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RSS not behind Baba Ramdev’s agitation - Mohan Bhavath

New Delhi, June 7: RSS chief Mohanrao Bhagwat has clarified that his organisation is not behind Baba Ramdev’s agitation although it had supported it.

“(The) Sangh is doing the work of social transformation,” a release issued by the media cell quoted Bhagwat as telling swayamsevaks at the RSS’s Nagpur headquarters. “It does not want anything else. It is not concerned with whom the power rests.”

The statement has been construed as a “straightforward reply” to the allegation that the Sangh instigated Ramdev’s protest.

Manmohan Vaidya, who heads the media cell, said: “Twice, this charge was levelled against us. Once, when Anna Hazare and his colleagues protested (at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar), and now. The Sangh has no political agenda, it is concerned about corruption because it affects society as a whole.”

Vaidya said the RSS had adopted a resolution at its delegates’ convention last March that it would offer “constructive cooperation” to non-political movements against corruption. “Hazare and Ramdevji fit this characterisation,” he added.

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