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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

UPA most corrupt Govt. in history of independent India: Advani

New Delhi, June 6: Stating the Congress-led UPA Government is trying to crush the people's movement led by yoga guru Baba Ramdev, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) veteran Lal Krishna Advani on Monday said this is the most corrupt government in the history of independent India.

Advani, who led a BJP delegation to President Pratibha Devisingh Patil at the Rashtrapati Bhavan here on Monday, after the meeting said: "Because of our efforts corruption has become an issue that is being discussed in every corner of the country and this is the most corrupt government in the history of independent India."

He further suggested that India should adopt the method what foreign countries - Germany and America - have followed to bring back the black money stashed in Swiss banks.

"The problem of India will be resolved if the entire resources are fused together alike Germany and America have adopted the methods to bring back the black money stashed in Swiss bank or other such tax havens," he said.

Further charging the UPA Government, Advani said: "Parliament means President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and that is why we say that we came to the President to discuss the issues whether it is of corruption or black money stashed in overseas accounts or if someone peacefully begins an indefinite hunger strike to bring back the black money stashed overseas accounts, then his thousands of followers including women and children, supported his this move by singing religious songs. But police suddenly go and attack them."

Senior BJP leaders met President Patil on Monday and demanded the convening of a special session of Parliament to discuss the crisis that has arisen from the confrontation between the government on one hand and civil society activists including Baba Ramdev on the other.

Terming the government crackdown on yoga guru Baba Ramdev similar to the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Advani on Sunday said: "I feel this is political fascism. I want the president to take cognisance of the happenings in the country for the past six months and convene an emergency session of Parliament."

The BJP leaders led by Advani and president Nitin Gadkari staged a protest at Mahatma Gandhi's memorial Rajghat on Sunday night.

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