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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

“Desh ka yuva yaha, hai. Rahul Gandhi kaha hai?”

Youths pen new slogans as the Congress masters wait to see Anna is tired.

Anna Hazare's movement against corruption has not only brought people on to the streets in his support, but also has made the youth and others pen new slogans to keep the movement alive.

In Jaipur, supporters from every class, especially the elite, are coming up with fresh slogans. Some slogans depict the public anger against the "adamant" Centre, while many are sarcastic barbs against youth leaders like Rahul Gandhi, who are allegedly ignoring the ongoing situation in the country.

'Saare Yuva Yahan Hain, Rahul Gandhi Tu Kahan Hai (When every youth is here, where are you Rahul Gandhi?)' shouted Anna supporters on bike at the Statue Circle.

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Some slogans are terming Rahul as incompetent, as youth were seen shouting 'Mera to Bas Anna Hai, Rahul tu to Nikamma Hai (Anna is mine, Rahul is incompetent).

Likewise, many slogans like 'Thanda Thanda Cool Cool, Anna Hazare Wonderful' were chanted by the supporters of Anna quite regularly during their rallies in Jaipur.

At many places where the supporters of Anna are getting support from the city police who are not interrupting or interfering as long as the supporters are maintaining decency. Slogans in favour of police were also chanted.

'Anna Tum Sangharsh Karo Police Hamare Saath Hai' (Anna continue your struggle as police is with us) were raised wherever the supporters spotted police team deployed at the rallies.

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