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Friday, August 19, 2011

Modi’s residence produces 80 units of electricity everyday…!!

The residences allotted to the Ministers and MLAs, Government quarters and secretariat buildings are lit up with solar power street lights. Solar photovoltaic panels are fixed on the CM’s residence’s roof top which is now regularly generating 80 units of electricity every day. The rooftop has two plants of capacity 10 Kilowatts. Counting at Rs. 15 per unit, it produces 4.38 lacs rupees of electricity with 29.200 units per year.

Hon’ble CM conveyed a statement while inaugurating 1 Megawatt solar plant project near PDPU last January that Gandhinagar, Surat, Vadodara and other cities can soon produce electricity and earn by selling it to the Government.

Sources from JEDA confirmed that, if any household, businessman or industrial firm produces more than 10 kilowatts of electricity within their premises then government would purchase it and convert it into main grid. The State has fixed 15 Rs per unit according to ‘JERK’. JEDA has issued a tender for 10, 15, 20 and 25 Kilowatt projects. Aid standards and subsidies for rooftop system will be declared soon.

Solar Electricity in Gandhinagar
• 140 Kilowatt on the terrace of block no. 14 in the New Secretariat building.
• 20 Kilowatt on the terrace of CM’s residence.
• 80 Kilowatt on the GPCB building terrace.
• 75 photovoltaic street lights in 6 gardens of Gandhinagar.
• 155 street lights with 1 Kilowatt system on each Government houses.
• 1 Megawatt plant in PDPU campus.

150 Megawatt target in Ahmedabad
Government is announcing an incentive package for producing solar electricity privately, which will attract people greatly. Government has set the target of 150 megawatt in Ahmedabad city to produce electricity on the house terraces.

Citizens can earn 2.25 Lacs/ year
15 Sq.mtrs of space is needed to set up a 1 Kilowatt solar plant; which will primarily cost 1.50 Lacs. JEDA has suggested setting minimum 10 Kilowatt plant to make it in grids which will need 150 sq.meter space costing Rs. 18 lacs. The seller can earn 2.25 lacs/year with 15 Rs/unit.

Gandhinagar to become solar city by 2014
JEDA is planning the implementation of Solar City concept suggested by Shri Narendra Modi. “Gandhinagar will be a full-fledged Solar City by 2014. With the cooperation of people; big cities like Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar will be given chance to produce electricity privately”– Saurabh Patel, Power & Energy Minister.

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