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Friday, February 26, 2010

Suspended from C.P.M, Kollam mayor resigns

Kollam: N Padmalochanan, CPI(M) leader and Kollam mayor, who was suspended from the party for inaugurating the reception committee office of RSS Pranth Sanghik, submitted his resignation from mayors office. But the corporation secretary has declined to accept the letter as the mayor had not given the it in person.
The district committee of the party which met in the morning had listened to the explanation
Padmalochanan tended for attending a RSS function. But the committee did not accept his argument that he went to the RSS function merely in the capacity of the mayor. There was severe criticism against Padmalochanan who was a state committee member of the party and secretary of CITU attending a function of RSS. When his action became a sensational news he had apologized for it in the media. This too was criticised for not being in tune with the party line.
Padmalochanan was in the V.S. faction of the party but he later came to the official side.

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